G-Six Kids Boxing

Building community and culture in sport

Parents, kids, and boxing fitness enthusiasts... this one's for you! Our new G-Six Kids Boxing gyms offer non-contact programs exclusively for kids 4-12, as well as boxing fitness classes for adults and kids 13+ at two different locations on the Central Coast. 

We're excited to be giving kids & parents an opportunity to join a fun, exciting and safe community & family environment, helping to build a sense of teamwork and stay active.

Our training programs are broken up into:

  • Kindergarten- Yr3 (ages 4 and up)
  • Yr 4- Yr 6
  • BoxFit (Adults & teens 13+)

No sparring is involved at G-Six Kids. 


For more info and Term 2 signups please visit G-Six Kids Boxing here


See the G-Six Kids timetable

Classes at G-Six Kids operate year round. 

Over the year, sessions run in ON and OFF school term periods. We run our main progressive blocks based on school terms (10 weeks). This allows for progression and consistency. All members are able to attend unlimited classes in their time-slot each week. 

Outside of the school term, our school holiday timetable becomes effective. This is open to all active members as normal, for unlimited sessions! 


How much does it cost?

Pricing is $30 per week with no cancellation fees, or set-term contracts.

Where are the gyms located?

Erina - Palm Court, Level 1 Suite 2B & 2C, 172-176 The Entrance Road

Lisarow - Showroom 2, 880 Pacific Hwy

I want to sign up!

To sign up at Erina or Lisarow, please visit G-Six Kids Boxing here 

We have limited spots available at each location, so don't miss out!