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G-Six Boxing Coaches and PT's

We're a down-to-earth gym run by down-to-earth people, and our coaches and trainers are no exception. Our classes are run by a variety of highly-skilled coaches who specialise in upskilling and improvement, and as well as handling our boxing classes and fight teams many of our coaches offer 1-on-1 sessions to build out your ability and improve your confidence as a boxer. Several coaches also offer strength and fitness 1-on-1s, as well as specialised fight-camp fitness and preparation sessions.

If you're looking for a 1-on-1, check out our coaches below and reach out to their social channels.



As a Level 1 accredited Boxing Coach and experienced fighter, Jake does not offer 1-on-1 personal training sessions but he does specialise in fighter training through our Red vs Blue and G-Six League amateur boxing programs. Jake works closely with our boxers to build those who train with us into highly technical, competent and strong boxers, aiming to develop and improve fighter tenacity, technicality and ring awareness. Jake is a well-practiced cornerman and corners for our fighters during their bouts. He also regularly takes our timetabled classes through intensive drills, skills and conditioning training.


@joewilliams2185 | Contact to book

Fondly known as 'the smiling assassin', Joe is an experienced fighter and a coach to G-Six League and Red vs Blue fighters with a Level 1 Boxing Coach accreditation. Offering 1-on-1 boxing sessions, Joe works with a wide variety of boxing clients; from those with less experience looking to improve, to those with a lot of experience who are prepping for bouts. Joe also regularly takes our timetabled classes through intensive sessions - and just when you think they're over, there's always a finisher! As well as in-depth boxing one-on-one sessions, Joe also offers strength and fitness coaching, and is available for personal training sessions.


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Alison is a Level 1 Accredited Boxing Coach, and a personal and group trainer. With multiple boxing bouts under her belt as a fighter and a cornerman, Ali trains clients across a range of fitness & skill levels; from just starting out, to boxing for fun and fitness, to skill and confidence building for full-contact. She offers 1-on-1 boxing sessions coaching the fundamentals of boxing and skill progression. Alison runs several of our timetabled classes and assists with Red vs Blue and G-Six Boxing League coaching, as well as cornering and seconding on fight nights. She also offers strength and fitness coaching sessions.


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As a Level 1 Accredited Boxing Coach and personal trainer, Annaliese runs several of our classes and challenges. A member of our fight team with multiple fights under her belt, Annaliese also provides 1-on-1 boxing sessions, teaching boxing skills and development as well as boxing for fun and fitness. Focussing on developing solid boxing fundamentals, Annaliese works with clients to develop proper punch technique, effective footwork and quick defence. She also assists with Red vs Blue coaching and seconds the Red vs Blue fighters during their bouts. As well as providing in-depth boxing services, Annaliese also provides 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 strength, resistance, fitness and conditioning.


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Brent offers personal training sessions that are entirely boxing-focussed, and has a Level 1 Boxing Coach Accreditation. Working with kids and adults to develop their boxing ability and IQ, Brent aims to create an understanding of the core body mechanics involved in boxing, as well as an understanding of ring awareness. All of Brent's sessions also include boxing specific conditioning which focus on developing the physical explosiveness required in boxing. Brent also coaches our Juniors and runs several of the Open Boxing classes on the timetable, and seconds for our fighters on fight night.


@sarsha_m | Contact to book

Sarsha's personal training sessions are focussed primarily on building a strong boxing foundation. Bringing her fight experience to her sessions, she helps her clients develop proper punch technique, effective footwork and the basics of defence. Sarsha helps her clients upskill and progress from beginners with little-to-no boxing experience to confident, competent boxers. Sarsha also runs some of the classes on our timetable, seconds for our coaches and helps prepare Red vs Blue fighters before their bouts on fight night.


@gee_performance | Contact to book

Jason is a sport performance coach who uses his strength & conditioning coaching experience to provide guidance, direction and support for fighters preparing for a bout. Offering personal training sessions specialising in fighter-specific strength and conditioning, Jason's focus is to improve overall aerobic & anaerobic conditioning for combat athletes to ensure their bodies are ready for the demands of a boxing bout. He works with his clients to build and improve upper & lower body strength, stability and overall power development, all of which are immensely beneficial in the world of combat sports. Jason also runs several of the classes on our timetable.