Red vs Blue and G-Six League 12!

Registrations for our second 2022 camp are now open!

We're pumped to be opening camp for another Fight Night after one of our most successful shows yet which saw all 4 clubs fight across 2 nights for a super entertaining card of fights & an atmosphere like no other.

From complete beginners, to our more experienced guys and girls; the Red vs Blue and G-Six League programs have a place for you!

Participants of both Red vs Blue and G-Six League will train alongside each other, where pods can be split into experience levels. This means we’ll welcome both members working toward their first fight in Red vs Blue, and our more experienced members back in to work toward getting their next fight under their belt through the G-Six League.

What's the difference between RVB and G-Six League?

Red vs Blue was created to introduce everyday people to the world of full-contact boxing, starting with technique & skill development and culminating in your first fight with an opponent of equal experience level. G-Six League has been developed for more experienced boxers who have experience in full-contact boxing, and have fought before in either Red vs Blue or in amateur bouts.

To view a more detailed breakdown on G-Six Boxing League and RvB, click here 


The next 16-week program kicks off May 16th, aiming for Fight night to be held the weekend of 3rd September. 

Training sessions will be held in the 'fighters' timetable slot at 6:45pm. Minimum requirements are 3x sessions per week, with the expectation fighters will come to more through the week to up skill & further increase their boxing fitness. 
We will also be running Gosford as our first even women's-only RVB.
Whilst women are not restricted to Gosford, this is a fantastic option for any women feeling particularly nervous about entering in a fight camp. It makes for the perfect starting environment where you know other women will be in the same boat, and you will receive very specific training by our female coaches.  

How much does it cost?

A once-off $60 admin registration fee plus your weekly $45 class membership

We're capping the numbers at each gym this round, so that each session can get the absolute most benefit from our coaches. Don't miss out- this is set to be our biggest round yet.