Classes for all experience levels

Our boxing classes are offered in several different levels which cater to all kinds of boxers; both beginners and veterans, teen boxing classes and fighter training. Click on the links below to see when these classes run.

Please note- A new increased timetable for Tuggerah's expansion will come into effect 5th of September. To view the timetable, please click here
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Tuggerah timetable
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Class types


This class aims to give newer members an introduction to the fundamentals of boxing. This session provides a great boxing base & cardio workout that becomes the perfect stepping stone for keen fitness enthusiasts to enter into the world of more advanced boxing if they choose.


These classes are advanced sessions for experienced boxers, who wish to train like a fighter without the contact or pressure of a fight. These classes will follow a similar drill, skill and conditioning structure to our Fighters programs, aiming to up-skill boxers through more advanced boxing and conditioning components. One session per week will include optional sparring, for people who want to put their skills to practice in the ring.


The fighters time slot is reserved for our Red vs Blue and G-Six League fighters.

Red vs Blue is our specific 12-14 week progressive program designed for everyday people who wish to train toward their very first in-house fight. Red vs Blue teaches the fundamentals of boxing and allows participants to have their first fight or exhibition at the end of the program. The Red Vs Blue has a more of a community-based and encouraging environment to work toward your first fight. It is much different than that of the G-Six Boxing League. If you’d like more information about this program, please feel free to chat to staff on-site or send us an enquiry on Facebook or Instagram.

G-Six Boxing League is for members who have previous Red vs Blue fight experience, and are continuing to train for fight nights in G-Six’s very own local amateur boxing competition. It’s also designed for new members who have a level of fight experience wanting to regularly compete in Central Coast-based boxing competitions at our four locations. The League training is not introductory level, and is for those who are serious about gaining regular fight experience in a competitive environment. The mentality from coaches & fighters in these sessions is very different from general classes.


Although members are always free to travel between gyms, we encourage members to come and be a part of a community session and join in on Sugar-Ray Saturday at Kincumber at 6:30am. This OPEN session is any given mashup of boxing basics, skills, drills and conditioning rounds. Our Saturday morning sessions have become iconic at G-Six for not only the training aspects involved, but also the banter & laughs, old school music and mix of ‘training’ and ‘community’.


This class is opened to ages twelve to seventeen. Teen boxing is designed to teach everything required to become an amateur boxer. Although some teens are working towards fighting not all teens are expected to participate in contact and are more than welcome to train for fitness, skills and fun! Our trainers are happy to have a chat with you about junior classes, so feel free to chat to staff or contact us if you have any questions.