Christmas hours

Christmas hours

It might be silly season but our classes are still running and will continue to run as normal until Christmas Eve. Don’t fear - we will still be running classes through the Christmas break!

The timetables will stay as normal right up until the morning of Christmas Eve. After that, the hours are as follows:

  • 24th Dec (Christmas Eve) - morning classes only
  • 25th Dec (Christmas Day) - no classes
  • 26th Dec (Boxing Day) - no classes at this point, however we will put out a poll on Facebook to determine interest for one big morning class at Kincumber where we can all train together alongside the coaches. Keep an eye out for that on our G-Six Kincumber Facebook group!
  • 27th Dec (Sunday) - no classes
  • 28th Dec (public holiday) - no classes
  • 29th & 30th Dec - open as per timetable
  • 31st Dec & 1st Jan - no classes


Keep in mind that Kincumber members can still use their passes to access the gym 24/7 over this period. However as the staff are taking a bit of much-deserved time off there will be minimal staff presence on-site, so we ask that all members remember their gym etiquette and take care of the gym over this time - wipe down the equipment you use, put away any equipment that you take out, and take the weights off the machines that you use as the next person along may not be strong enough to.

We'd also like to remind members that we have a strict policy on bringing non-members into the gym on your pass. If a non-member is brought into the gym under your pass, your membership will be cancelled on the spot. Please speak to staff either in-person or through Facebook/Instagram direct message if you have a friend who'd like to trial the gym and it's facilities.

We wish all of our members a very happy and safe Christmas. It's been an absolute rollercoaster of a year, and we are so grateful for each and every one of you. Take care, and see you in the New Year!