G-Six Chicks Boxing..... coming to Gosford!

G-Six Chicks Boxing..... coming to Gosford!

Ladies.... this one's for you!!!

Our G-Six Gosford gym is about to evolve & be run as a female only gym- providing a platform in demand for women's boxing within G-Six, run by our female coaches Sarsha and Alison.
Classes on offer will facilitate women with varying goals - whether they be more fight or fitness based, and encompass junior girls, skills & fitness, boxing conditioning and our first ever female-only Red vs Blue!!

We see this as such a great opportunity to provide women with a female-focussed environment to be involved in great fundamental boxing on the Coast, as well as a community of women from different ages and backgrounds, brought together through boxing. 
G-Six loves watching women thrive in our sport, and we see so much value in providing a more tailored platform to get involved, especially where women wouldn't otherwise. 
**please note- this does NOT mean women who are already active members with us have to transition to Gosford. This is up to personal preference.



The first 30 women who submit a registration form below prior to signing up will be eligible to receive a women's-only foundation membership at $35/week as opposed to $45 - which will remain valid for the first training block. 
Of these first 30 signups, we will select ONE member- who will receive this block entirely for FREE*. 
(must be signed up to be eligible.)

To view the timetable, click HERE.
More detailed information on class breakdowns, membership structure and more will be released very shortly!!