G-Six Masters Boxing!

G-Six Masters Boxing!

Are you over 40?? This one's for you!!

G-Six Masters Boxing is on it's way. Here's a bit of a breakdown on the concept and what we're aiming to achieve, so you can get an idea if it's for you!


What is masters boxing? 

Masters boxing is typically for ages 41 plus, and allows the over 40s to train and compete in boxing in age specific categories. Masters boxing is all about building a like minded community of people who all want to push themselves and enjoy the sport of boxing, while continuing to improve their own lives through training and community. 



What is G-Six aiming to achieve out of running a masters program? 

Overall, we want to achieve the same thing we have achieved for our Elite boxing ranks.. That is- building a base of boxers across the Central Coast through 14-week progressive programs, where participants train and compete out of one of our four local gyms. We want to give the over 40s a chance to stay local, train local and box local - all while being part of the G-Six system, which we have seen great success with for our elite boxers. We aim to bring Masters boxing alive on the Central Coast and make it easily accessible for all over 40s.



Do I have to fight to join the masters boxing program? 

Not at all! If you just want to join our community for the training, then that is more than fine. Come and join our clubs, learn the skills required to box and get fit & strong while having a good time. Although we will run an event at the end of the program for the masters to compete on, it's completely up to you if you want to step foot in the ring on fight night. 



If I want to join the G-Six Masters Program do I need previous boxing experience?

Definitely not- we have all walks of life, and all experience levels in our gyms. We thrive off building up the inexperienced men and women to a point they are upskilled, fit and confident enough to do more with their boxing if they choose. 



What is the event you will run at the end of the program? 

At the end of the 14-Week training program we will run a Fight Night for all of our masters who have been training. Some will fight and some will do exhibition bouts ( no winner or loser drawn). Masters boxing is all about having a good time and we will only match masters for a fight if they are both- a.) ready and b.) want it. Exhibition Bouts are a great way to test the waters, get in the ring and box but have the referee look after you and keep the tempo and aggression under control. 



When will the 14 week training block start? 

We will commence training on Monday February 21st - Due to this being the first time, we have given the master division their own slot away from the elite boxers and we will be taking expressions of interest to begin. 


Interested to get onboard?!

We'd love you to fill in the form below! Including your second pick of locations if your first location is not an option. We’ll be gathering this information and be in touch soon with some options for training times and days etc. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

G-Six Team