An update to 1-1s

An update to 1-1s

As of this week, Jake, Joe, Ali and Annaliese are taking on 1-1 sessions. We've had some questions around how this works with current Covid-19 restrictions, so here are some answers to FAQs below:

  • Are you allowed to run 1-1 sessions right now?
    The government has given personal training sessions the green light, as long as strict social distancing measures are followed.

  • What are you doing to maintain social distancing and keep everything sanitary?
    All sessions are run outside in the G-Six carpark, and are rostered to keep as few people in the space at any one time. If there is more than 1 trainer and 1 participant running a session at any given time, each trainer has a corner of the carpark prepared for their session with 20m distance in between. All gear is cleaned and sanitised between each session.

    If you arrive early for your session, you will be required to sit outside the space on the chairs provided and wait until your session time begins, so we can keep the number of people in the space to an absolute minimum.

  • What kinds of one-on-one can I book in for?
    We have a lot of flexibility with the sessions we can run. Boxing, strength and functional fitness sessions can all be arranged - we have full use of our barbells, dumbbells, cardio equipment. We also have an outdoor boxing bag that can be used alongside skills and drills for our boxing 1-1 sessions.

  • Can we book in for group sessions?
    No. Sessions are one on one only.

To book a session, get in touch with our trainers: