G-Six Online is now live!

G-Six Online is now live!

We're proud to introduce our new online training portal G-Six Online!

We've been working really hard behind the scenes to provide our members with a way to sharpen their boxing skills and keep themselves fit, healthy and sane during these difficult times. 

Beginner Boxing, Intermediate Boxing and Bodyweight Strength & Conditioning training videos are all available through G-Six Online, and are only available at certain times to help you guys create a sense of routine. Each class is designed to be easily do-able from home. Start at whichever level you feel comfortable at and watch your skills advance!

Content for Advanced Boxers is coming soon. In the meantime, plenty of skills and drills options are available through Intermediate & Beginner to help brush up on your skills and revisit & strengthen your basics.

Also available are our G-Six Tips. These are available for you to access 24/7, and cover valuable tips to help you improve your footwork, hand positioning, punch combinations and defensive actions.

 Feel free to have a look at the timetable and check out the class times. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!