Outdoor bootcamps at G-Six Kincumber

Outdoor bootcamps at G-Six Kincumber

Now that restrictions are starting to ease, we're allowed to start running outdoor bootcamp sessions as of Monday 18th May. However, we only have the outdoor space to do this at Kincumber - we won't hold bootcamps or classes at Tuggerah until restrictions have eased enough for us to do so safely.

Signing up to bootcamps will also get you access to G-Six Online; this covers you guys in case we get rained out or you can't make your designated session.

There are some rules that are absolutely non-negotiable:

  • There will be a strict maximum of 10 people per session.
  • Bootcamp sessions are only available to those who were active members of the Kincumber gym when restrictions were first introduced. At this point in time, we're not taking on any new members to participate in the bootcamps. This includes Tuggerah members - if you are not a member of the Kincumber gym, you cannot sign up to the bootcamp sessions at the Kincumber gym. However, new members and Tuggerah members are welcome to sign up to G-Six Online for all our online training content.
  • Arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your class.
  • Wait outside the front gate for your trainer to invite you in. Please do not enter the training space before your designated bootcamp time slot.
  • No access to onsite bathrooms or showers.
  • Your own towel and water bottle is a must.
  • We will try to incorporate boxing where we can and where social distancing allows, however you must have your own gloves and wraps.
  • After your class, you must leave within 5 minutes to give the trainers time to get ready for the next session.


Bootcamp time slots are up on our private members Facebook page. If you're a current member and you missed the boat, message our public Facebook page or one of the trainers.

Super excited to have you guys back! Keen to rip in 🥊